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The Canadian Donkey & Mule Association was incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act on December 29, 1988.

The objectives of the CDMA are:


  • To maintain a registry of donkeys, and to record mules and hinnies.

  • To preserve and improve the standard of donkeys and mules in general by improved breeding practices, and encourage the appreciation, care, management, and use thereof.

  • To promote public education in the understanding and management of donkeys and mules.

  • To prevent cruelty to donkeys and mules, and cooperate with persons and groups that provide care and protection for donkeys and mules.

  • To publish specifications of Standards of Conformation for all size categories of donkeys as well as for mules and hinnies.

  • To work with the government to ensure control in the import and export of donkeys and mules and to ensure humane treatment of donkeys and mules. 

  • To promote donkeys and mules through shows and exhibitions.

  • To encourage the improvement of donkeys in Canada by allowing access to donkeys not registered in the CDMA herd book through the upgrading process. 

Membership includes digital subscription, registry discounts, and other privileges.

Application for membership in the CDMA is made through the

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES (in Canadian funds)
Annual membership    $45.00
Family membership     $55.00
Junior membership (18 & under) $25.00
Foreign membership    $55.00

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